The Universe: Can You Create Something with Nothing?

I remember being around the age of 7, sitting in the passenger’s seat of the car with my dad in a McDonald’s drive-through. I clearly remember that being the first time I wondered why I can only see through my eyes, but not my dad’s or anyone else’s. I wondered why I can feel with my hands, and why my hands? And why have a consciousness now and not a century ago or a few centuries from now? Now I wonder how plausible reincarnation could be, or if it perhaps has something to do with quantum entanglement. Maybe both?

When trying to imagine just how large the universe is and wondering how it came to be, if it goes on forever, and what is really going on in this moment, I am always left with the paradox of “everything and something.” Even though it doesn’t seem to make sense at first to us humans (who are very accustomed to cause and effect, i.e. the Big Bang Theory causes the universe to gradually expand), there couldn’t have ever been an official starting point for everything. Or, if there was a starting point, then that would have to suggest that there was something before it that initiated it, or that you can create something with nothing. If a God created the Universe, for example, then who or what created them? And so the question of the very first thing that ever existed continues on, unless you can create something with nothing.

I believe that the idea of parallel universes is very plausible and in some quantum research has proven theoretically valid. There are so many theories out there that seem plausible. For example, the universe-as-possible-giant-atom theory, the string-theory, and so many more. It’s seems possible with what we know so far that we’re just a part of an atom made of many atoms or something smaller (smaller even than quarks? I really need to do more research on what exactly a quark is). Ultimately, answering these questions boils down to all things quantum, if we’re trying to scientifically deduce where it all begins. For the sake of pure curiosity and because the only time I have is now (I think?), I’m beginning my study of quantum mechanics, quantum physics and especially quantum entanglement to hopefully be up to speed with what scientists already have discovered or theorized. Thereafter I can run my own experiments or make connections.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

black hole

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